In June 2012 an application was filed to register the mark SPORT SEGATEX + DISEŇO under N.2012-20726 in class 25. Bermeo represented SPEEDO HOLDINGS B.V. in the opposition based of its famous BOOMERANG DESIGN. The IP Office issued an official decision which accepted the opposition filed and rejected the registration of SPORT SEGATEX + DISEŇO.

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Bermeolaw is proud to contribute the Ecuador chapter to LATIN LAWYER Reference - Intellectual Property 2016. This chapter addresses key points of Intellectual Property regulation including: enforcement proceedings, structural remedies involving IP rights, trademark rights and protection, licenses, counterfeit, data protection, copyright, among other topics.

On Saturday, April 16th an earthquake with magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale hit the coast of Ecuador, together with over 315 replicas. While our Partner Pablo Bermeo and our International Associate Christopher Chemnitz survived at the very epicenter, there's been more than 650 casualties, over 2500 injured and countless people missing, and others left homeless. 


Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio declara a JUAN VALDEZ®, como marca NOTORIA en Colombia 

• Las marcas notorias son aquellas que son ampliamente reconocidas por los consumidores y gozan de una especial protección frente a quienes las imitan en diferentes tipos de productos y servicios

• JUAN VALDEZ® ya había sido declarada por la SIC como marca notoria en el año 2007 y en el nuevo proceso de oposición de marca, la Superintendencia ratificó su posición de conferir un estatus legal superior a la marca JUAN VALDEZ®.

• JUAN VALDEZ® también ha sido declarada una marca notoria en la Unión Europea, España y Costa Rica.

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The Ecuadorian Constitution lays out fundamental principles that apply to advertising. Advertising is also regulated by the Consumer Protection Law and Regulations, the Childhood and Adolescence Protection Laws, and various ordinances. This article summarizes the regulations for advertising different products.

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