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Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm is the first choice for at least 10% of the Global 500, Fortune 500 Companies and top 100 Law Firms. We represent all types of business companies in the different industries from startups to overseas and multinational companies.

Bermeo is selected either directly through their In-house departments, their intellectual property departments, or as associates through their local or worldwide managing law firms. We understand the needs of the different types of clients and they value our proposition of long-lasting business relationships, which we achieve through trust, high expertise, hassle-free dealing, fast responsiveness and cost awareness.

We are proud to have protected 15% of the World’s 100 most valuable and well-known marks. Here is an example of some of our clients and/or famous trademarks that we have registered in Ecuador or Latin America throughout the time.

About Bermeo & Bermeo

We Have 75 Years Of Experience In Law Firm & Attorney Service

In 1948, Dr. Vicente Bermeo Lañas founded “Law Offices of Dr. Vicente Bermeo” in Quito, Ecuador. The sole proprietorship consisted of two attorneys which established what would become one of the most important Intellectual Property practices in Ecuador.

Chambers and Partners

The firm's greatest strength lies in its ability to promptly and efficiently respond to the legal needs of its clients

Legal 500

Bermeo & Bermeo has been consistently ranked as a Top Tier Firm in Intellectual Property by The Legal 500

Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm

Corporate Values

  • Reliability

    Consistency • Experience • Responsiveness

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    Technology • Knowledgeability • Innovation

  • Respect

    Honesty • Willingness • Compliance


Ranked as one of the leading international law firms in Ecuador and Latin America!

Most of our practice areas and lawyers have been awarded and we are consistently ranked in the highest tiers for Ecuador and Latin American firms.

We respect our client’s privacy and we do not share client referees to ranking agencies. While we understand that references are a very important category in the research process, we are proud to continue to be ranked among the leading firms.


Why Our Clients Choose Us

Clients choose Bermeo to protect and develop their business operations, brands, and Intellectual Property needs due to our top-notch advice and exceptional responsiveness. With 75 years of trust from various clients, including small startups and Fortune 500 companies, the Firm utilizes advanced technology to provide efficient, personalized attention. Bermeo has a highly experienced team of multilingual lawyers who offer counsel on local and cross-border protection strategies, earning us a reputation for reliability and expertise in complex litigation matters across industries.

Clients appreciate our prompt replies, professional input, and commitment to mitigating legal risks, making us the preferred choice in the region for comprehensive and efficient legal services.

Responsiveness and advice are top notch!

Perfect service, prompt replies, sending notifications, everything was good!

I appreciate your responsiveness and professional input.

Our History

Dr. Vicente Bermeo Lañas started the
“Law Offices of Dr. Vicente Bermeo“

In Quito, Ecuador. A visionary man who established what would become one of the most important Intellectual Property practices in Ecuador. The firm was chosen by many international companies and law firms throughout the years. Nowadays, we are proud to continue representing a large number of them.

A New Approach

In 1978, when Dr. Vicente was appointed Justice of the Supreme Court, Dr. Rodrigo Bermeo Rosales joined the practice and adopted the name “Bermeo & Bermeo.” The new partners were confident that this name would last through the upcoming generations. Rodrigo brought a new approach focusing on strengthening client relationships and building a new client base. The firm quickly became well known internationally and developed to be one of the leading IP practices in Latin America.

The 90’s and 2000’s were years of expansion. Bermeo & Bermeo took control over Ecuador’s oldest Intellectual Property portfolio when the firm acquired “Sucesores de Aurelio Vallejo” which was established in 1900. Later on, the firm absorbed “International Patents & Trademarks.” Bermeo & Bermeo now manages a high percentage of Intellectual Property rights in Ecuador and is in charge of the regional filings of several national and international companies.

Today, Bermeo & Bermeo Is The Most Efficient Law Firm In The Country

With Rodrigo V. Bermeo-Andrade, and Pablo Bermeo-Andrade, the third generation has joined the firm. Together, they contribute with strong education and valuable experience acquired while working abroad in top tier law firms of the United States and Argentina. Both are admitted attorneys in the State of New York.

Today, Bermeo & Bermeo is the most efficient law firm in the country. With the help of the latest technology we manage a very large client base with a team of high qualified people. We are proud to have been able to maintain our high standards from the inception of the firm and that our clients believe in our value propositions. The firm is stronger than ever, and rest assured our quality services will continue towards the future.

Pro Bono Work

The firm is committed to providing
pro bono services related to our practice.

The firm is committed to providing pro bono services related to our practice. Our goal is to give access to the legal system to people who could not otherwise afford it, or to provide Intellectual Property protection to startups that can pay it forward to another one in need once their businesses are up-and-coming. Some examples are:

Mundo de

Is a small elementary school located in Cuenca, Ecuador. We provided legal assistance as well as protection of their trademarks.


We have provided assistance to companies starting in the industry of salad dressings and BBQ sauces made with farm ingredients. The firm has also assisted a startup company from a low income group venturing in the fast food industry.

Collections, labor

The firm sponsores collections, settlements or labor complaints to low-income people, which the cost of the legal services would otherwise exceed the amount of the collections.

a green pasture and mountain

93% Less Paper

200,000+ Trees Planted

1000+ acres of primary forests protected

pants in a bags
Going Green

We are already working paperless with some of our clients and invite you to join us

At Bermeo & Bermeo, we protect intellectual property and are also committed to protecting the environment. We sponsor the preservation of more than 400 hectares (1000 acres) of primary forests, and promote responsible and sustainable forestry and agricultural practices.

Planting trees is our way to offset carbon emissions and reduce our organization’s carbon footprint. Bermeo has planted and cultivated over 200,000 trees, including the reintroduction of native species. Andean varieties such as Pumamaquis (Oreopanax ecuadorensis), Alisos or Alder (Alnus glutinosa), Acacias (acacia dealbata), Cholanes (Tecoma Stans), Arupo (Chionanthus pubescens) and Yagual (Polylepis) are crucial to the ecosystem as they are vital food sources for wildlife, have medicinal properties for local communities, enhance soil fertility, and stimulate water sources.

This protected ecosystem is also the source of drinking water to the indigenous communities in the area. Our green initiatives include pro-bono work for the procurement, protection, and sustainable management of water resources.

Since 2001, Bermeo implemented a paperless initiative. In line with this green initiative, we embraced digital solutions that support printless processes and paperless e-files, which have evolved to cloud-based document storage systems, electronic signatures, and online collaboration tools.

By eliminating paper wherever possible, and transitioning to digital processes in filing, invoicing, and general client communications, as well as internal practices, we reduced our paper trail by 93% over these past years.

We are already working paperless with some of our clients and invite you to join us in this environmentally friendly project.

Our Team


Dr. Vicente Bermeo Lañas


Dr. Rodrigo Bermeo Rosales

Senior Partner

Lic. Cecilia Andrade Torres

Senior Partner

Ab. Rodrigo V. Bermeo-Andrade, LL.M.


Ab. Pablo Bermeo-Andrade, LL.M.


Mshrm. Cecilia Bermeo-Aizersztein


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