Telecommunication’s infrastructure

A North American company with operations in Central America invested US $150 Million in cellphone towers and infrastructure.

Bermeo was hired to provide a thorough assessment to enter the country. The initial work involved counselling in different areas like company formation, contract negotiations, corporate planning, labor law, taxing, regulation compliance.

The North American company initially allocated US $90 Million in the country which was invested directly in infrastructure for telecommunications.

A set of 2 corporations were formed as limited liability companies limited the future sale of the investment vehicle. The counseling also required the negotiations with telecommunication companies and review of contracts to secure the operability of the infrastructure and the business. We worked hand to hand with its daily operations such as corporate and regulatory fields, project finance, labor and administrative law. We handled the further M&A deal involving an additional foreign investor.

During the third stage of investment, they allocated US$ 60 Million in additional infrastructure and formed two additional companies. The business has grown regionally from Ecuador and we are now directing the legal assistance in the rest of the countries in South America with an estimated investment of $500M+.

Pablo Bermeo is the lead partner in this ongoing matter and manages it with Bermeo’s team of corporate and general legal practice.

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