Trademarks in Ecuador

Ecuador is a first-to-file country, a trademark owner must file for a trademark registration in order to obtain protection. The latest edition of the Nice Classification is enforced. International applicants may also claim priority if their mark is filed in Ecuador within 6 months of the country of origin. Registrations are valid for 10 years and may be renewed indefinitely.

Our expertise and high diligence make the procedures before the Intellectual Property Office seem flawless. Bermeo is the most efficient and one of the top trademark filers in the country. Our unique software and docketing system allows us to dynamically handle large volumes of applications for companies with important trademark portfolios.

We offer services in all Latin American countries through our network of associates.

Registration procedure

  • Search (advisable)
  • Application
  • Formal exam
  • Publication (IP Gazette)
  • Opposition period (30 business days)
  • Registrability examination
  • Registration

Trademark Application

Ecuador follows the latest edition of the Nice Classification of goods and services, protecting the class headings is possible. Since there are no multi-class applications, a single application needs to be filed per class. Priority may be claimed within six months of the first application.
An application may be filed immediately, and the documentation may be completed afterwards.

Filing Requirements

  • Official fee
  • Logo (.png or .jpg, min 250×250 pixels)
  • Description of goods/services
  • Full name and address of Applicant
  • Power of Attorney legalized with Apostille
    • Companies must provide proof of legal statue
    • One PoA per applicant is enough
  • Priority: certified copy of the foreign application

Formal examination

  • The IP Office will check that the application is correctly filed, that the goods/services are correctly classified and that the documentation is complete.
  • An office action will be issued requesting the PoA, Priority document, or to make any corrections or amendments. The deadline is of 60 days from the notification date, and one extension may be filed.
  • Once the application is complete, it will proceed to publication in the Intellectual Property Gazette.

Infringement and Litigation

Our Practice covers all the stages of oppositions, cancellation proceedings (on grounds of lack of use, famous trademark, vulgarization of a mark, annulments of illegal registrations), arbitration, out-of court settlements, unfair competition. We have a very good rate of success due to high expertise, great research and strict focus on the issues.

In infringement cases we are known to litigate vigorously until the illegal use stops or the counterfeit goods are seized. Some of the actions are either sending cease and desist letters, injunctive relief, border protection actions, or filing administrative, civil or criminal complaints.

Maintenance and Renewals

A mark is protected for ten years from the date of registration, and it may be renewed indefinitely. A renewal application should be filed six months before the expiration date or during the grace period of six months after its expiration.

We handle applications, recording of assignments, mergers, licenses, agreements, changes of name, changes of address, security interests, registry updates and renewals.

We provide legal counseling for Intellectual Property transactions such as licensing, franchising, or distribution agreements. We also assist in the negotiation with the local parties, investigations, and recording agreements at the official registers.

Trademark clearance and watch services

A prior search of the register is advisable to avoid office actions or oppositions. In some cases investigations of prior use, trade name and business name searches are also advisable.

Our software and proprietary databases permit us to conduct our trademark searches and watch services in-house. Results are carefully studied to provide the clients only with relevant information.

The search report we provide includes trademark availability opinion and chances of success. Our service includes follow up and suggestions to enhance the chances of registration.

Types of Protection

  • Word, Design or Word+Design Marks
  • 3D Marks
  • Certification/Collection Marks
  • Trade Names
  • Trade Dresses
  • Nontraditional Trademarks
  • Geographical Indications
  • Famous and Well-Known Marks

Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm is a leader in obtaining protection of special types of marks. We obtained the first registrations for Appellations of Origin in the country: CAFÉ DE COLOMBIA Reg. No. I-001-2006 and HABANOS, Reg. No. I-002-2010, and now we have added protection for COGNAC as well as several GI’s for Colombian Coffee.

Bermeo’s highly specialized team is the first choice for companies requiring assistance in protecting their appellations of origin, Geographical Indications (GIs), certification marks or collective marks.

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