Popular Trademark Questions

It is possible to request an extension. The local law establishes that the extension will be granted for half the initial term.

Popular Patent Questions

20 years counted as from the national filing date or any claimed priority date.

Popular Company Incorporations Questions

Yes, companies must yearly file complete reports to the Superintendence of Companies, and the IRS, on their ownership structure, and the administrators of any vehicles in the ownership chain, up to the ultimate beneficiary owner.

Severe penalties and tax implications derive from non-compliance.

Popular Labor Regulations Questions

Ecuador applies the indefinite contract as the predominant contract type; it can be full-time (8 hours/day), or part-time (up to 6 hours/day), 5 days a week. Two consecutive days of rest are to be granted.

Indefinite contracts can be terminated:

  • By mutual agreement of the parties.
  • By the employee, with a head notice of at least 15 days.

Most employer terminations will be deemed wrongful terminations in a court of law.

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