Distribution Agreements, Franchising, Licensing

Part of our core business is advising on the different ways of developing Intellectual Property assets in Ecuador.  We handle litigation and general advice for drafting these sorts of agreements and negotiation with local parties. Our services include reviewing Master Franchises or License Agreements to make sure they are fully executable and binding in the country. Proper advice on these aspects helped our clients to avoid litigation against their representatives in our country. We are capable of conducting due diligence, obtain background information from parties, developing strategies to enter the market, manage IP Portfolios, software licensing, and technology transfers.


There are several alternatives for a foreign company to enter the Ecuadorian market. Depending on the risk allocation, our clients can participate indirectly through licensees, franchisees, distributorships or authorized dealers, or directly by establishing a branch, opening a subsidiary or buying a local company (see Corporate Practice). Our firm is fully prepared to assist in all matters in relation to doing business in Ecuador.