General Legal Practice

We provide services in a wide range of practice areas. We handle all kind of matters relating to Contract Law, International Law, Family Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate Law, Immigration Law and provide assistance in serving processes, certifications, investigations, legal translations.

Contract Law

In international transactions, often contracts are bound by foreign laws. However, it is still important to make sure that an international agreement complies with Ecuadorian laws and is enforceable in our country. Our practice includes reviewing agreements between foreign parties that have effects in Ecuador, drafting and reviewing agreements between a local and a foreign party, as well as drafting and reviewing local agreements. Many comercial issues may be foreseen and their risks limited

Immigration Law

Ecuador provides several types of Visas. The most common for our clients are the Investment Visa, Company Director Visa, Professional Visa or Entrepreneur Visa. We assist in obtaining all sorts of Visas, either independently or as part of our assistance in incorporating a company or branch and obtaining visa for the investors or directors.