Product Compliance

Our food, drug and agricultural law team includes, chemical engineers, agricultural engineers and environmental engineers which expertise is directed by our lawyers to ensure compliance with the procedures to obtain all the permits required for a product to be sold in the market. Our docketing system monitors every step in the procedures, payment of maintenance annuities, and generates alerts.

We count with a full service department in this area, our practice ranges from obtaining operation permits before the Department of Health, environmental permits, labeling issues, obtaining the necessary permits for commercialization of the products and general compliance with regulations, supervising and granting import permits to distributors or third parties,

Depending on the types of products we can assist in obtaining the following permits:


Food and Drug Registrations

The following products need to obtain a permit before the authorities to obtain the Sanitary or Health Registration that allows them to be sold:

  • Food, drinks, dietary supplements, cosmetics, hygiene products, medical devices, drugs, industrial and domestic pesticides.


Agricultural Registrations

The following products require an Agrochemical Registration:

  • Agrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, seeds, and agriculture-related products such as plant hormones or growth regulators.


Environmental permits

Pesticides and biological pesticides require an environmental permit. We also assist in obtaining Management of Health and Agrochemical Registrations. We count with software for management and follow up of the procedure of registration, maintenance annuities and everything related to this field.


Agrochemical Registrations Advertising, Labeling issues: Environment protection

Management of Health and Agrochemical Registrations. We count with software for