Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio declara a JUAN VALDEZ®, como marca NOTORIA en Colombia 

• Las marcas notorias son aquellas que son ampliamente reconocidas por los consumidores y gozan de una especial protección frente a quienes las imitan en diferentes tipos de productos y servicios

• JUAN VALDEZ® ya había sido declarada por la SIC como marca notoria en el año 2007 y en el nuevo proceso de oposición de marca, la Superintendencia ratificó su posición de conferir un estatus legal superior a la marca JUAN VALDEZ®.

• JUAN VALDEZ® también ha sido declarada una marca notoria en la Unión Europea, España y Costa Rica.

The Ecuadorian Constitution lays out fundamental principles that apply to advertising. Advertising is also regulated by the Consumer Protection Law and Regulations, the Childhood and Adolescence Protection Laws, and various ordinances. This article summarizes the regulations for advertising different products.

Polmos Siedlce secured registrations for its well-known marks CHOPIN VODKA after an initial rejection for alleged violation of Frédéric Chopin's name and likeness.
The IP Appeal Board reversed the decision, granted the registrations and sets a new precedent in Ecuador.

The legal battle between Chile and Peru over the appellation of origin PISCO involves discussions regarding the fabrication process, quality, flavour and of course trademarks. Should the Ecuadorian Trademark office cancel the mark PISCO SOTAQUI from a Chilean company if the government of Peru challenged it?  

Whether or not to record a license agreement before the Ecuadorian Trademark Office is governed by a contradiction between Andean laws, case law and local laws. Maintaining the register up to date is not only a legal requirement, but also very important when dealing with cancellation actions, issues of standing and with third parties in general.