Trademarks come in a multitude of forms, offering businesses a versatile palette for safeguarding their brand identities. Some forms you may encounter are:

  • Word, Design, or Word + Design Marks: The classic trademarks involving text, symbols, or a blend of both.
  • 3D Marks: Representations of product shapes or configurations.
  • Certification/Collection Marks: Marks signifying quality, origin, or specific attributes.
  • Trade Names: Business identifiers that can also function as trademarks.
  • Trade Dresses: The unique visual appearance of a product’s packaging or presentation.
  • Nontraditional Trademarks: Innovations like sounds, colors, and scents.
  • Geographical Indications: Marks highlighting a product’s regional origin and characteristics.
  • Famous and Well-Known Marks: Trademarks achieving widespread recognition.

his diversity empowers businesses to protect their brand identities in various forms of representation.

In Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm, we’re at the forefront of protecting special types of marks. Our track record includes pioneering registrations for Appellations of Origin in the country, such as CAFÉ DE COLOMBIA (Reg. No. I-001-2006) and HABANOS (Reg. No. I-002-2010). We’ve also secured protection for COGNAC and numerous Geographical Indications (GIs) for Colombian Coffee.

Bermeo’s Specialized Team: When it comes to safeguarding appellations of origin, Geographical Indications (GIs), certification marks, or collective marks, Bermeo is the trusted choice for businesses.

Bermeo’s highly specialized team is the first choice for companies requiring assistance in protecting their appellations of origin, Geographical Indications (GIs), certification marks, or collective marks.

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