Pro Bono
Pro Bono

The firm is committed to providing pro bono services related to our practice. Our goal is to give access to the legal system to people who could not otherwise afford it, or to provide Intellectual Property protection to startups that can pay it forward to another one in need once their businesses are up-and-coming. Some examples are:



Mundo de Juguete.-

Is a small elementary school located in Cuenca, Ecuador. We provided legal assistance as well as protection of their trademarks.


Startup companies.-

We have provided assistance to companies starting in the industry of salad dressings and BBQ sauces made with farm ingredients. The firm has also assisted a startup company from a low income group venturing in the fast food industry.


Collections, labor complaints.-

The firm sponsores collections, settlements or labor complaints to low-income people, which the cost of the legal services would otherwise exceed the amount of the collections.