In June 2012 an application was filed to register the mark SPORT SEGATEX + DISEŇO under N.2012-20726 in class 25. Bermeo represented SPEEDO HOLDINGS B.V. in the opposition based of its famous BOOMERANG DESIGN. The IP Office issued an official decision which accepted the opposition filed and rejected the registration of SPORT SEGATEX + DISEŇO.

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Polmos Siedlce secured registrations for its well-known marks CHOPIN VODKA after an initial rejection for alleged violation of Frédéric Chopin's name and likeness.
The IP Appeal Board reversed the decision, granted the registrations and sets a new precedent in Ecuador.

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The legal battle between Chile and Peru over the appellation of origin PISCO involves discussions regarding the fabrication process, quality, flavour and of course trademarks. Should the Ecuadorian Trademark office cancel the mark PISCO SOTAQUI from a Chilean company if the government of Peru challenged it?  

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Bermeo successfully represented Musidor B.V., the Dutch agent of the Rolling Stones, in an opposition against Boca del Pozo for an infringing trademark
application on the Stones’ famous “Tongue and Lips” trademark.

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Bermeo successfully represented the Lego Group in an opposition against Consorcio del Pichincha for infringing trademark
applications of a design consisting of a car completely built by LEGO Blocks.

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