Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm is the first choice for at least 10% of the Global 500, Fortune 500 Companies and top 100 Law Firms. We represent all types of business companies in the different industries from startups to overseas and multinational companies. Bermeo is selected either directly through their In-house departments, their intellectual property departments, or as associates through their local or worldwide managing law firms.  We understand the needs of the different types of clients and they value our proposition of long-lasting business relationships, which we achieve through trust, high expertise, hassle-free dealing, fast responsiveness and cost awareness.
We are proud to have protected 15% of the World’s 100 most valuable and well-known marks. Here is an example of some of our clients and/or famous trademarks that we have registered in Ecuador or Latin America throughout the time.

Client docketing and invoice systems:

Our firm issues LEDES invoices, and is cabale of using Tymetrix, Anaqua, Serengeti, Lexis, and any other database per the clients' requirements.